Forget baptism, see how South Africa’s Xhosa tribe cleanses and purifies new babies

A majority of African communities have specific rituals for celebrating pregnancy and birth. All these are inspired by long-standing traditions held dear by the community. One of the fascinating rituals is by South Africa’s Xhosa community called Sifudu, a purification and cleansing ceremony for newborn babies. This elaborate ritual takes […]

What to eat after giving birth

  After giving birth, women are required to take note of the kind of food they eat in order to manage their health. Nutritionists advise food that will not cause allergic reaction to the nursing baby. Dr John Muganda, an obstetrician gynaecologist at Harmony Clinic Kigali, says that vegetables and […]

Women who give birth in winter are more likely to suffer from postnatal depression because of a lack of sunlight in their final trimester

More at risk if a woman is in her final trimester during the ‘short’ daylight hours In the northern hemisphere, this occurs from August to early November Sunlight triggers the hormone serotonin, which boosts a person’s mood  Women who give birth in winter are more at risk of postnatal depression, a […]