Why newborn babies do not produce tears

As anyone who has spent time with a newborn knows, babies are swaddled and be-diapered packages consisting of mucus, spittle, hiccups, and poop. With their ability to discharge seemingly any kind of liquid, it’s curious that they don’t actually produce tears when they cry. According to Live Science, newborns can fuss […]

Cuddle theraphy:How volunteers are offering their time to cuddle premature babies in Australian hospital

Volunteers are offering  their time to cuddle premature newborns in this Australian hospital. Doctors at the Royal Hobart hospital say this simple solution is making a big difference for these babies who need sophisticated medical attention. “Medically they’re a bit more stable. Social interaction – your interaction with the world, […]

How to relieve gas in your baby

Gas is simply air in the stomach or intestines, but for some babies, it seems to be very painful. When a baby has gas, tiny bubbles develop in their stomach or intestines, sometimes causing pressure and stomach pain. Many gassy babies are not bothered by their gas, but some become […]