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Afromums is Nigeria’s pioneer business and mum life resource that informs, educates, motivates, and equips women to perform optimally in their businesses, careers, personal lives and other economic pursuits especially as mothers.

At Afromums we believe that being a mum does not have to be the end of a woman’s personal, professional, economic or intellectual advancement. Yes, being a mum should not drown a woman’s personal aspirations.  This is why we are the ultimate resource for women who desire to excel in all areas of their lives.

Our goal is to connect women with vital information that equips and motivates them to rise above the gender based challenges of the African woman as she strives to succeed in  business, careers, personal or other economic activities.

Yes, we narrate you and tell your brand stories as no one does. This is why we promote female start-ups and provide consulting services for businesses.

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To reach out or submit an article,kindly forward it to us via afromumchic@gmail.com

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