Getting through your first long haul flight

Tracy was ecstatic. Finally her resident visa was approved and she would be travelling to Australia to join her husband. Filled an intense urge to appear sexy, Tracy geared up in a figure hugging tight jumpsuit and a pair of stilettos. Since she was finally relocating to Australia with over ten different luggagess including one with local food items.

Alas! Less than ten hours into the flight, Tracy knew the jumpsuit was a mistake because each trip to the restroom was a mini-war. It seems the stilettos didn’t  help either. It was her first time travelling and she had no experience. As if that was not enough, she couldnt find one of her luggages by the time they arrived.

In the end, it was a barefooted, red-eyed Tracy that greeted George in the arrival hall. Much ado for a grand entrance.

Although long haul flights can be exciting since it means youre arriving in a totally new destination, it can also be very exhausting. For a first time traveler, it might be overwhelming without appropriate planning.

But what exactly is a long haul flight?

Long Haul Flight as proposed by  Travelstart Nigeria travel agency, any flight period that lasts from 6 to 12 hours is considered to be called a Long Haul Flight.

If you are planning to travel on a long haul flight and feeling intimidated, here are a few survival tips from Travelstart to help you arrive like a champion.



Dress comfy

Ensure you dont trade your comfort for anything. While it is good to dress stylishly, you do not want to overdo it on a long haul flight. Hence, from under wear to your shoes and jackets, pick out items that you have tested and trusted.

This is not the time to show off those newly acquired designer shoes whose tiny heels might just snap while on the escalator. We dont want any shoe accidents or wardrobe malfunctions on air. Save those designer dresses and heels for your romantic dinner after arrival.

Get something to Snack on

Yes there might be lots of food served on air but it is possible you might not like the array. The worst thing that can happen to you on a long haul flight is hunger. Prepare to kill the pangs with lots of biscuits, snacks, nuts, chocolates or anything you are comfortable and free to bring on air.

Sleep Aid

We all know that sleeping on a coach seat is not the same as sleeping on your comfy bed at home. Some people like to be conscious of everything going on around so they might be averse to taking pills to induce sleep. But for those who want to cut out all the drama on air, you might consider getting something to induce sleep.


Long haul flights can lead to extreme dehydration because of the dry recycled cabin air. Do not think you are hydrated because you feel cold. Ensure you take water to keep you hydrated. Do not let the fear of frequent toilet trips keep you from keeping hydrated while travelling. Keep yourself refreshed and stress free by taking water.

The importance of engaging in some gentle exercise on air cannot be overemphasized. On a long haul flight it become mandatory except if your condition doesnt allow you get up. Even if you cannot get up, try to engage in some mild movement of hands and feet just to stretch your muscles and stay refreshed. If you can, feel free to get up and take a walk down the aisle a couple of times to improve your circulation.


No amount of entertainment is too much on a long haul flight. Have a backup plan of your own to while away time on air. Watch a blockbuster movie, bury your head in a new novel or even get some office work done.

Pack smart

There is so much to soak in and watch out for on a long haul flight especially if you have more than one stop-over. Carrying too much luggages might distract you. Besides, you do not want to bring anything that would compete with your own sleeping space. Packing smart is key when youre traveling. You dont want to be another Tracy on a long haul flight.

Take along your personal comfy items

You cannot trade your comfort on a long haul flight for anything. Hence, this is the best time to bring what you need to be as comfortable as possible. Items like extra socks, scarfs, sweaters, travel pillow, sleep mask, ear plug and neck pillows would sure come in handy.


Maintain your freshness

Flying takes a toll on everyones freshness, but do yourself, and those around you, a favor by having travel-sized products that will freshen you up before and after your flight. You would not make that sexy entrance smelling like eggs gone stale.

Spend extra for more room
First class and business class might not always be affordable for everyone. But on a long haul flight, you might want to spend a bit more for a seat that allows more room. Any seat that can give more rooms for your legs and extra space to move around is fine.

Above all, long haul flight can be exhausting but with the right planning you can beat the odds and arrive like a real champion. A good way to begin is to take advantage of the long haul flight tips shared by Travelstart infographics.


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