Creative writing boosts kids’ confidence and creativity

In recent times, studies have revealed the power of creative writing in children. For example, a team of academics from the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Education and Social Work undertook an evaluation of the impact of the importance of creative writing in helping develop children’s imagination, creativity, confidence and writing skills over time.

“Strong creative thinking and learning skills are critical to students’ social and emotional wellbeing, academic achievement and lifelong learning”, said Robyn Ewing AM, Vice President of Sydney Story Factory and Professor of Teacher Education and the Arts

Early findings from the research points to some of the positive impact of participation in workshops for children, including:

  • significant improvement in writing quality
  • increased engagement with writing, for longer
  • better planning, organisation and ideas
  • enhanced ability to reflect and self-evaluate
  • increased confidence to work with others, and
  • More willingness to talk to people, particularly adults.

This strongly reinforces the need for parents to take proactive measures in ensuring their children actively engage in creativity and problem solving fostering activities like creative writing. This is because, in many schools, storytelling and creative writing are not prioritised as much as they should be. Even when present, due to the amount and time and skill required, the subject is not usually explored and delivered holistically.

Therefore, since the creative writing process is imperative in every child, Nigerian parents can take advantage of the Afromums Creative Writing Bootcamp this holiday period to get their ward actively engaged in this lifelong learning skill. The Afromums Creative Writing Bootcamp, an initiative of StoryByrd Solutions Ltd, is a specialized program that fosters creativity and problem solving in children through creative writing.

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