6 Best Ways To Attract Customers To Your Store

A simple truth that all business owners in this part of the world must not ignore is this – despite the popularity of online businesses, some consumers still prefer to see products physically before making a final buy. As a result, the condition of your brick and mortar store is essential in capturing such customers. Hence, as a business owner, what are some ways that you can get to attract more customers?


  1. Use memorable signs

Have you ever had to search for a particular shop address and found it difficult to locate? You later managed to locate the place before discovering that you had actually gone past the area several times. Wait a minute. Why didn’t you notice the shop in the first place? Could it be that the signage was nothing to write home about? This is what happens when your sign board is inconspicuous, not compelling or error-laden. Depending on your budget, different types of signage exist. Some businesses even make use of digital signage. Your signage is probably the first thing a potential customer or even passers-by would see. Why not make it stand out?

  1. Take advantage of your store windows

If you are in the business of forgetting to make use of your windows, this is the time to expunge that habit. Windows are perfect for displays from clothes, baby equipment and even food. If your shop is located in a busy area with lots of traffic, create a window display that tells one story and tells it well. A great window display stirs customer’s curiosity and is perfect in spurring impulse buying.


  1. Put your best out first

What is the first thing customers see when they come into your store? Perhaps they have been enticed by the eye-popping posters displayed on your store windows. Does it then take them aeons to discover those beautiful dresses displayed on the posters? Instead of abandoning your best designs at the innermost aisle, keep them in an area that is easily locatable. Some departmental store owners prefer to use the strategy of keeping items farther away so customers can walk through the shops. This is to encourage further buying. If you are not a grocery store owner, you might want to think well before adopting this strategy. Do not forget that the average customer is in haste. You don’t want them leaving so soon after entering your shop because they can’t find the item that attracted them.


  1. Decorate! Decorate!! Decorate!!!

The importance of decoration in attracting customers cannot be over emphasized. If your decoration is able to make your shop location or business place stand out and recognizable, then you have no worries over losing customers to others. This is because they can never miss your address. Don’t forget to pay attention to the outside decoration because this is what oncoming customers see first. You can decorate with flowers, plants, striking colors, art works or even freestanding banners.



  1. Be creative about your welcoming

Attract customers to your shop by devising new ways of welcoming them. It would be unwise to keep regurgitating the same method for a long time. Observe your customers, strive to understand them and use this to devise new ways of welcoming them instore. It could be with music, a beautiful doormat, unique decorations or even an invitation to taste your latest appetizer.


  1. Make use of the parking lot

Who says parking lots is for parking alone? Parking lots are great for signage and outdoor advertising. You can install any of these sign posts to showcase your particular business message or product in the parking lot or the sidewalks in large shopping malls.


( Ngozi Ojo  a business consultant can be reached on ngozieneh@gmail.com)

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