Why your choice of business name matters

Derin was so upset. It was her mum’s birthday and the caterer had just disappointed. After complaining to her friends, she quickly decided to try ordering a ready-made cake online. But she had no idea of any particular baker online. So she decided to do a general search. Perhaps if she finds one with a lot of followers and reviews then she can order from her.

Alas! Derin was shocked because the first three business names she checked on Instagram were in a business directly opposite what their name suggested. It took a number of tries before she finally found one whose name really matched what they wrote on their profile.

Yes it is true. How you name your business matters because it affects the perception of your potential customer. Although not every business can have a name that matches or gives an idea of what the business venture is about. In these days of online marketing or e-commerce, some businesses have gotten found by new customers just because of their names. This is particularly important for start-ups and small business owners.

For example, whilst browsing through the streets of the gram, let us assume you come across an Instagram page named ‘sugar treat’. What would you conclude about the nature of business based on this name? Most probably you would think of a catering and confectionery business.

What if the name was ‘Bosmart collection’ would you think about food, kitchen supplies or spices. Or would you readily think about clothes, fashion or even shoes? Most probably you might quickly recall the latter. Could that be because of the collection that comes after the Bosmart? Most likely, yes.

As a result, do not be in a hurry when deciding names. Take time to observe and do some research before deciding names. The following tips can help you when trying to select a name.


  1. Think about the nature of your business
  2. Write down twenty keywords related to your business.
  3. Have an idea of your target audience and their needs. Sometimes you can get some inspiration from this.
  4. Research the names already in use.
  5. Test it out by asking others for feedback


When it comes to selecting a name for your business, it is very important you choose a name that inspires the consumer and not one that drives them farther from what the business is about. Taking time to consider the above steps would help you figure out a great business name.This is one step that leads to building a great brand.





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