Returning to work after the holidays? These 3 things would help mums


“This holidays seemed to have ended quickly,” Mrs Omomeh muttered as her husband drove the family back to Lagos. She had totally enjoyed spending the entire end- of-the year holidays in the village.  The excited faces at the back seat evident that the kids loved it too. But as she suddenly realized her leave was over and the children needing to resume school on her first day at work, anxiety filled her heart.
If you have also been away on holidays and  now having to cope with back-to work cums back-to-school drama, here are three things that can ease your overwhelm.
It usually  helps to have an idea of what you want to achieve. Hence, if you do not have anything planned in advance, take a few minutes to think about all that you would need in the first few days. Take notes and see who can help with what.
Having an outline of what you need for yourself and the children in the first few days of return keeps you less pressured. Instead of thinking about the entire month at this time,try focusing on getting what you need to survive the first one week.
Note that for planning to be very effective,it has to be done ahead and not at the last minute. Last minute planning could result in nervousness, anxiety and unnecessary mistakes.
Engage in e-commerce
Buy and order things online if you have to. There is absolutely nothing that  cannot be purchased online these days. This would save you the stress of jetting off to the shops the moment you return.
Just imagine how exhausting it would be, to have you rushing off to the market after arrival. When you can easily order home-cooked meals online and get it delivered.
Choose Simplicity
You have about ten different luggage bags, work starts tomorrow, there are school items to sort and guess what you spend time doing.
Rummaging through each of the seven gigantic bags searching for the rose-gold necklace you want to to launch to the office tomorrow.
Now pause for a moment,which is simpler? Keep searching through the bags, choose another necklace,choose another outfit that won’t even require wearing a necklace.
The reality is that with your anxious mood coupled with exhaustion,you might rummage through all the bags severally without finding the necklace. Meanwhile, the necklace might just be lying tucked away somewhere in the bags smiling at you.
The best thing to do is to focus on your immediate needs and relax. Always seek for the simplest process to achieve your intentions.
The process of trying to sort your immediate needs, getting the children’s school items ready and preparing for work is complicated enough. Do not complicate it further by searching for that  purple designer shoes you intend wearing to work in two weeks time.
Finally, it is ironic to know that going back to work after a long holiday is usually tasking for most women. When combined with school children resumption,more effort is usually required. For mums to find this less overwhelming,it is  advisable that they plan ahead, try online alternatives for urgent needs and choose less complicated options.
Happy resumption!

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