5 ways to stay healthy and keep in shape after indulging this festive season

As the holiday season gradually comes to an end not uncommon for people to realize that they have added extra weight. The major culprits here are women who are at the helm of affairs in the home. Not to worry, we have put together some useful tips to help you sail through the season and bounce back to shape.

Mindful eating 

It’s not odd to see that people are less mindful of what they eat during the festive season. There is so much to eat at the same time hence a tendency to overindulge.

However, to avoid unnecessary weight gain, try to be a bit self-conscious about whatever you want to indulge in. Don’t throw caution to the winds and have your waistline to blame later. Choose wisely at the food table.


Know what you are drinking

Around the festive season, food is not the only item in abundance, drinks are too. From the endless wedding owambe’s, birthday parties, music festivals, alumni reunion, new year house parties to family reunions, occasions usually marked by an array of exotic drinks. Hence, if care is not taken, one could practically develop a bulge in the stomach during the festive period. Make sure you know what you are drinking.



Take advantage of dancing 

Since you have been overindulging in food and drinks, you might as well indulge in an activity that would create a balance.What other way can you do this if not to dance. Yes, dance, dance and don’t stop dancing. Take advantage of the several party opportunities to dance. Dancing is not only pleasurable, but also a fun way of shedding some excess calories.



Choose outdoor activities 

Reject the temptation to engage only in indoor activities. This is especially if you are spending your holiday in a temperate environment. Look out for outdoor activities that you can engage it. It helps keep you active.

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Create a plan

Surely to keep in shape, you must endeavor to have some sort of weight loss plan. Get involved in a Gym, get a trainer, go on a diet or simply go on a walking spree. Just ensure you have a kind of weight loss routine that you follow. Having a great plan helps you do this.

Yes, as the festive period draws its curtains, it is normal to realize our excesses. However, with the right actions you would not need to fret, knowing that you can get to wear those hot red dresses in no time.


Ngozi Ojo is a writer and business consultant. 


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