Travelling with kids this holiday? Check out this 5 must-do safety tips

Travelling with kids this holiday? Check out this 5 must-do safety tips

Whether you are travelling to your village in the country side, visiting family or on a recreation tour, keep the fun seamless by checking out some of these safety tips. You would be glad you did.

Ensure your baby is securely strapped in a car seat

It is not uncommon to find some commuters in Nigeria travelling with little children unstrapped in their seats. Some mothers even seat with their little babies in the front seat of vehicles. How alarming!

According to the Nigerian Highway code, “Children between ages 0-12 months should not ride in front of the vehicle”. In addition, parents are advised to strap children from ages 1 to 7 properly to the back seat of the car.

In addition, the international car seat recommendation for any child under age one (birth to 12 months) is to always ride on a rear facing car seat.  Based on this recommendation, it is unsafe to travel without ensuring your little ones are properly strapped especially on long distances. It is also a total waste of resources to purchase a safety car seat and not use it in the safest way recommended by the manufacturer.

What if you are traveling with a new born? According to international recommendations, parents are advised not to use a car seat in the first four weeks of a baby’s life for periods of more than 30 minutes. Thus, if you must travel within the first four weeks of your baby’s birth, take regular breaks, at least every 30 minutes, and have an adult sit in the back to monitor your baby. It is also advisable to remove your baby from the seat for a break before continuing with your journey

Ensure you research about child care and safety regulations if you are traveling abroad

Whether you decide to go skiing with the Eskimos, Safari in the jungle or tour in an exotic resort, it helps to ensure you are aware of current regulations. Different countries have different regulations regarding child care and safety. You do not want to get to your destination and be swarmed with policies you did not prepare for. This could surely ruin your first day. That is if it doesn’t ruin the entire holiday plans. To avoid this, ensure to double check with your travel agent before finalising any payments.

Remember the medication

Don’t forget to take along any special medication that your little one needs. This is especially is your destination is an out-of-town area where such drugs might be scare. It is good practice to try have some emergency medication on hand just incase it is required. While you are at it, do not forget to pack a little first aid items.

Take a thermometer along

Yes, we are not fretting about Ebola at the moment. But what about the recent Lassa fever and yellow fever cases that were recorded in some states recently? Prevention is better than cure.

Hence, it is best to ensure your young ones are properly vaccinated whilst you carry your thermometer for those constant checks.  Packing your digital thermometer means you can easily check your baby’s temperature even if you’re not in the comfort and familiarity of your own home. It’s small, lightweight and will mean you can check what temperature is safe or not.

Check your destination for safety

Once you arrive your destination, the first thing to do is a quick safety check. This is especially if you have an adventurous toddler or very young children. If you’re heading to friends or family, who live in a big house, check if they have a stair gate. If they do, check to ensure that it is not worn out or rusted. Does your host still have young children? If they do, chances are that their home might still be safe proof enough for kids. But if they no longer have young kids, you might want to discuss safety issues ahead of your arrival.

When it comes to children, you can never too safe. Thus ensuring that your child is safe at all times should be your utmost priority even when you travel.

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