Five things that can be disastrous for your career at an office party

Tolu and Esse are colleagues in a top financial services company. It was their company end-of-the year party and everyone seems to be talking about it at work. As executive trainees, this would be their first time of attending their company end-of-the year party. Esse was particularly excited because she loved parties.  But recent work demand seemed to have made it difficult for her to attend parties as in the past.

At the party, there was array of food and lots to drink. The best musicians in the country were on ground as the music blared. Esse kept urging Tolu to try some of the seemingly endless flow of exotic wines and spirits. In the end, Tolu who wasn’t used to drinking, got so drunk that she started dancing wildly. In no time, her hand strayed to her skimpy top as she unbuttoned it exposing the left side of her under wear. Esse who was dancing nearby noticed and tried to pull Tolu away from the crowd. All attempts by Esse to pull away her friend was rebuffed. By this time, other people had noticed something was wrong. But it was too late, by the time they could subdue Tolu and take her to the car, she had managed to snap her bra open exposing one of her breasts.

Yes, it is the season of company parties. It is also a season to be very careful. Many peope have gotten into trouble because of their conduct at company events. What are some of the behaviour that can get you into trouble? We have put together five of the worst.

  1. Unleashing your inner wildness on the dance floor

Some people are naturally extroverted. One look at them and you can decipher the enormity of what they can undertake. But some are very quiet. Infact, at work they are always quiet and seem to be the most engrossed with their duties. Don’t be deceived. How surprising it would be to see such a person championing a rave on the dance floor. A recent survey showed that “35 percent of office workers witness their bashful and reserved colleague become the life and soul of the holiday party.”  It seems that the most reserved and seemingly ‘quiet’ co-workers like to use the office party as their time to shine.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with dancing happily, you might want to have someone watch you dance before the D-day. This is to avoid your dancing moves turn into a show of shame and disgust. Remember, you still have your work and your company name to protect.

  1. Excessive display of affection

It is possible to be affected by someone in your workplace. Infact, some people who have been eyeing each other at work but have not had the opportunity to talk eventually even start dating at their office holiday party. They can even get to kiss and grope in the dark. However, do not forget that you are still in a public place with your co-workers around. So you might want to keep it cool. Whilst you are at it, never forget that consent is key. We do not want anyone crying wolf later.


  1. Over drinking

No matter the amount of drink available, the worst place to get drunk still remains your office party. But most younger staff especially the males do not always keep this in mind. This is why it’s no surprise that being hungover is the reason 53 percent of people cite for being late to work the day after the office holiday party. There is no better place to impose a drink limit on yourself. Just imagine the disgrace and shame Tolu would have to go through later. This is minus the query that would come later. Some have gotten so drunk that they got into fights, damaged expensive equipment, assaulted others and got themselves sacked in the end.


4.    Talking too much

On a normal day most employees tend to keep what they think of their co-workers to themselves. Everyone behaves as if everything is okay. However, the informality of the office holiday party coupled with great music and drinking seems to snap lips open. You can get the latest gist about that boss that seems so uptight at the office party. One survey reported that getting the office gossip is something 29 percent of office-party goers look forward to, while learning about office drama and secrets is listed as a top experience by 41 percent of people. But it is better to be wise. Do not talk yourself into trouble. If drinking alcohol is synonymous with gossiping for you, consider sticking to juice or sparkling cider.

  1. Social Media Carelessness

Yes, we live in a world of social media. We think that we cannot do without social media. But guess what? We can actually do sometimes. One of such times is at the office party. Anything can happen at an office party and we don’t want you getting into trouble. Hence, it is better to save all those live tweets and Instagram stories for another day. Some staff have even gotten into trouble with mere pictures and comments. Thus, if you plan on getting tipsy at an office holiday party,  please stay off social media until the next day. Trust me, you would not die.

Parties are great occasions for merriment, socialising and networking. However, one wrong move at an office party can lead to loss of your job. If you suspect that you might make a spectacle of yourself at the office holiday party, or you’re just uncomfortable attending in any way, a wise thing would be to make a short appearance and leave early. You can even discuss with your boss or human resources about skipping the party altogether. Most importantly you do not want to get into any kind of mess. Seriously, you’ve got enough going without having to worry about the fallout from the office holiday party.



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