Top five famous markets in Lagos and what they are famous for

Lagos, the most popular and economically important state in Nigeria is a major financial centre in Africa. Rich in arts, culture and natural resources, Lagos a commercial hub is home to several large markets. These markets are busy all year round and super busy around festive periods. One common thing here is that these markets are not only popular to Lagosians but also to Africa and the world at large. If you are looking to engage in some outdoor shopping this season you might want to check this out. What are some of these famous markets in Lagos and what are they known for?

Lagos Island market

This is one of the largest and most popular markets in Lagos. Also referred to as “isale-eko” market, the Lagos Island market is made up individual markets sprawling across a wide area. These includes the popular Balogun market renowned for  fashion items from clothes, shoes, bags, hair, to makeup while Idumota is home to all kinds of exotic fabrics for native wear. It is a common saying in Lagos that if you have not shopped in Lagos island market during Christmas, your celebration is not complete. This is because of the wide variety of items on sale at ridiculously low prices which gets people trooping in daily during festive seasons.

Although shopping in Lagos Island Market or Balogun Market at this period is usually a herculean task for many, the circus-like energy is infectious and somewhat compelling.


Alaba international market

Alaba international market is also a very busy market due to the number of shoppers that troop in here daily. Some of these are other traders from different parts of Africa. Alaba market is the hub for everything electrical and electronic appliances for home, industries and offices. It is also known as one of the biggest markets for the distribution of Nollywood movies.



Oshodi market

This is one of the busiest markets in Lagos because it is situated in a motor park area where people board buses to different parts of the country. In this market, you can buy anything from ready to wear clothes, fabrics to food items. In the past, shoppers have been highly susceptible to theft and hooliganism but this has reduced due to recent re-construction and government efforts in developing the area.


Mile 12 market

If you refer to this market as the food basin of Lagos, you would not be wrong. This is because Mile 12 market is the hub of all food items coming into Lagos. People come from different parts of Lagos to purchase tomato, pepper, yam, grains, vegetables and all kinds of fruits in this market. Food items are usually purchased in bulk and at reduced prices making the market attractive to stakeholders in the food and hospitality sector.



Computer village Market

Situated right in the heart of Ikeja the capital of Lagos sate, computer village is considered the IT hub of Nigeria. Here you can find both indigenous and foreign phone gadgets, accessories and even access after sales care. It common to find youths and middle aged adults perhaps a result of the increasing use of smart phone devices In Nigeria. This is further evident in previous comments from Omobola Johnson, a former Minister of ICT, who stated that computer village contributes about $2 billion to Nigeria’s economy annually.

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