Three amazing ways busy women in Nigeria can save themselves some shopping stress this season


Shopping though regarded as a fun activity by many is ironically a herculean task for others. For women, this is highly noticeable amongst career women who have to manage the time restriction resulting from work with their various shopping activity. During holiday and festive season, the situation in the market place does not make it any encouraging as almost all the big markets are usually crowded with poor accessibility. Although the market women love the buzz, there are some people who abhor it. These includes several women who seem to have acquired additional duties at work as a result of the holiday. What are the reasons for these additional duties and what are some alternative ways  working women can reduce shopping stress this   period?

One of the major reasons for additional duties is the fact that several employees decide to proceed on annual leave around this period. As a result, the remaining staff who are not on vacation, are expected to take on all additional responsibilities. Some organisations try to manage this situation by constantly ensuring there is a balance between the number of staff permitted to proceed on their annual leave at such periods. Whichever the case, in this part of the world, it seems that festive periods and holidays are notorious for long working hours and overtime.  Thus, a working mother might feel pressured at such times especially with the additional requirements to shop for her family. How can this be achieved without much trouble?

A good alternative would be to explore the advantages that online shopping brings. As the internet and e-commerce gains more popularity in Nigeria, more and more businesses have worked on improving their online presence. An online shopping report by Phillips consulting indicates that Nigeria records about 1.3-billion-naira worth of transactions monthly. The fact that most of these businesses enlist external logistics companies to handle their delivery makes it more convenient for both the business owner and the customer. From clothing, shoes, accessories to home cooked food, there is hardly any item that cannot be sourced online these days. Although only about 38% of Nigerians prefer online shopping to the traditional in-store shopping, there are indicators that these figures would grow. This is because online shopping is fast, convenient and offers a variety of options. For the busy woman, online shopping is your sure saviour for all those last minute emergency shopping needs.


A second alternative is the use of vendors or personal shoppers. As more and more people embrace internet in Nigeria, personal shoppers have become noticeable. There is absolutely no reason to fret if your boss decides to throw you a surprise when you have your weekend all planned. Just look for an efficient personal shopper to navigate the markets and do the magic.

Friends and family can also be of help at this time. This is because most people would also be doing some serious shopping at this time. Hence you might want to look around you to determine who assist. A good thing to do before then is to  identify and itemize what you are looking to purchase.

Whichever the case the most important thing is that you are trying to save time and additional stress by reaching out to others and deciding which alternative you prefer. Surely, it is possible to smile when your boss appears with emergency work because you have worked out a plan B. So smile!


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