The Wrong Things Parents Do

Parenting is seen as a period of learning by most people.This is because, you get to learn from your experience and that of others. You learn from your environment, news, books, trainings etc.

Now the real question is, how much of these do you actually practice.

For example, on more than one occasion there have been news of parents leaving their kids in the car and returning to meet a suffocated child.

In developed countries, many parents have even gotten themselves arrested for such carelessness.

However, in some other places where the enforcement is not really serious, you still see parents leaving their little kids unattended to in the car for hours.

On my way out this morning, I had to stop by the bank. As I parked, I noticed there was a blue coloured car parked beside me. I didn’t really notice the occupants.

But by the time I was walking back after twenty minutes, I could see the occupants were two little girls.The eldest looked like she couldn’t be older than four.

I looked around to see if there was an adult nearby but I didn’t see anyone. As I turned to open the door to my car, I noticed the keys inside this car were inside and the ignition was on.

Obviously whoever it was, had left the ignition running for whatever reasons.

The two girls were already looking upset and one looked like she was going to cry.

This is so surprising. One would think that with all the bad news we hear of such situations,parents would have learnt.

It was difficult to leave these two girls unattended to so I becokned on the security man.

As soon as he came closer, I pointed to the car and told him to find the car owner.

What if a stranger enters and drives them away. The Bank was situated along a major road so leaving won’t be a problem.In this instance,the what if’s were so many as I stood watching the security man walk away.

I think it’s high time we adopt some stringent laws in this part of the world.

Some people would never learn except the hard way.

Who leaves two children unattended to inside the car along a major road with the ignition running?



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